The ISTE Experience: Combining Education Technology with curriculum for the future!

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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) held its annual national conference in Philadelphia. This year, bringing together over 17,000 educators, thought leaders, and exhibitors to explore the future of technology in education. It was an action-packed few days filled with inspiring keynote sessions, engaging social mixers, and tired feet! We had a wealth of news updates, a plethora of AI presentations, in addition to meeting both familiar and new faces in the industry, making it an absolutely amazing time! Artificial Intelligence took center stage in the conversations, likewise there was also a significant focus on learning opportunities in reading, math, and science.


Turnkey solutions and Artificial Intelligence.

The ISTE Seal of Alignment has received an update with a few new qualifiers. These updates help highlight turnkey teacher solutions and pedagogical usability. This update underscores the importance of providing educators with comprehensive and user-friendly tools. These updates will help improve the ISTE Seal of Alignment’s core priorities, including evidence-based research, interoperability, and overall product quality.

Canva, a popular design platform, has introduced guiding principles that boast an impressive seven layers of security to ensure user safety. In addition, their admin opt-in tools for students and prompt library tools have received positive feedback for their innovative features.

During the event, Microsoft AI was also a topic of discussion. The Microsoft Innovative Education Community and Learning Accelerators were highlighted as valuable resources for educators. The discussion also delved into the differentiation between teacher-facing and student-facing AI technologies. These insights from industry experts showcase the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology and underscore the importance of staying informed and adaptable in this rapidly changing field.

Our e-learning platform, Gateway2Achieve, received recognition in the EDSurge product index for its exceptional interoperability, privacy features, and its ability to provide direct instruction and personalized learning experiences.


More than just a conference hall

This year’s ISTE conference offered a multitude of activities both inside and outside the conference hall.

Our favorite was the Discovery Museum! It offered student art projects creative spaces and art walls for leaving one’s mark. The Global Pixel Art mural by StickTogether Products was a hit, and you can read about it’s creation on The Library Voice!

Inside, the Esports Arena allowed educators to play popular games like Madden football and Forza racing simulators, giving them firsthand experience with the games their students enjoy at home. On the other side, the VR arcade provided various areas to test and explore new VR applications in engineering and healthcare, allowing attendees to assemble bacteria parts or delve into the molecular structure of DNA.

The expo hall was like a playground for tech enthusiasts, with hundreds of companies showcasing their latest and greatest creations. From aviation and electric vehicles built right in the classroom to mind-blowing virtual museums and seamless software integrations, there was something for everyone to geek out over!

There were remarkable products showcased at the conference including: Skriware robotics, a comprehensive suite that combines 3D modeling, robotics, and programming tools with a user-friendly platform for teachers, complete with pre-made lessons and the ISTE seal of alignment. Another product that stood out was Switch Vehicles an all-inclusive program that provides teacher training to allow students to build an electric vehicle using a reusable kit. In addition, StemPilot introduced their NGSS-aligned hands-on flight simulation curriculum for grades 3-5, offering an exciting introduction to aviation.

Outside the conference, social events and mixers were held throughout the day and night, creating a blur of new and familiar faces, delicious food, and unforgettable memories!


Take a sneak peek at our unforgettable experience in Philadelphia through these photos, showcasing the city’s historic architecture and the lively social mixers that made our time there truly special!

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