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What is Skriware?

Skriware was created by a team of technology fans who are passionate about 3D printing and how it can be used in educating young people around the world. Skriware’s ultimate goal is to spark interest in learning and to ignite passion in STEAMfields (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics). Using modern hardware and software, Skriware makes education fun while also preparing children for the challenges of today’s world.  

How Skriware Robotics Increases Student Achievement

SkriLab: Skriware Laboratory

The innovative bridge between science and creativity.

The primary goal of SkriLab is to develop creativity, independent problem solving and critical thinking skills. It accomplishes this with hands-on experiences using modern tools like 3D printing, robotics and programming. The SkriLab, the complete STEAM laboratory, consists of a number of components that make up an ecosystem of learning activities! These can be purchased in one full package, specialized kits, or individually to fit your needs.

Teacher Support Platform

Skriware Academy features 30 e-courses and video tutorials for teachers; as well as 80 ready-to-use lessons, short in-class activities, lesson series, as well as presentations and worksheets for students. 

The 3D Skrinter is developed based on the Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printer series. Thanks to its full integration with Skrilab educational lab, it makes an ideal 3D printer for schools. A wide choice of filaments and a database of ready-to-print 3D models using the most popular layer plastic deposition technology (LPD/FFF/FDM) ensures a comfortable introduction of 3D printing technology at school.  With your 3D Skrinter, you will have access to the Skrimarket, a 3D Model Library with a database of over 60,000 ready-to-print 3D models. These include nearly 20,000 models in the education category. Try creating a 3D model of a heart, a 3D design of a plant cell, or the Eiffel Tower!

Learn programming and 3D design with an educational robot. 

The SkriBot robotics kit allows students to assemble a robot themselves, step-by-step. By connecting the electronic components themselves, students learn the basics of engineering, mechanics, and electronics while developing creativity and logical thinking skills.  Once your SkriBot is built, you can teach you SkriBot to do things! Using the educational mobile app SkriApp, your students can learn and test their programming skills.

Educational Building Blocks

Empower the young engineers in your classroom with SkriKit building blocks! SkriKit educational building blocks guarantee great fun while students create structures applicable to the topics of a variety of lessons. They are an excellent tool to support the development of soft skills, encouraging students to collaborate and communicate when working in groups. They are also compatible with the SkriBot! SkriKit L contains approximately 5000 pieces (15 SkriKit Mini Kits) SkriKit Mini contains 273 pieces of various types Need more pieces? You can easily print more using your 3D Skrinter!

Educational Mats and Cards Skriware educational mats and cards support lessons with the SkriBot and SkriKit. The City Mat stimulates imagination, the Engineering Mat helps children focus and organize their workspace, and the Engineering Cards help children learn robotic components. These teaching aids are made of solid, durable materials but are also easy to store and transport between classrooms, if necessary.  

SkriLab: ISTE Seal of Alignment

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