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What is Scottie Go?

Scottie Go! is a series of educational games that effectively teach students block programming at school, kindergarten or during extracurricular activities in accordance with core curriculum. ​Scottie is a friendly alien who crash lands on Earth and needs help overcoming obstacles and collecting parts for his spaceship to get back home! Kids help him navigate his way through every continent by putting together simple to complex commands with physical coding puzzle pieces and scanning them with their devices to watch Scottie GO!

These games are so much fun and teaches learners 4 and up the fundamentals of computer coding! With over 90 levels of increasing difficulty, versions for with or without a device, and additional teaching tools available, it’s a great addition for any classroom or household!

How Scottie Go! Increases Student Achievement

Scottie Go! Programs

Scottie Go! for Education is the flagship product of the series and adapted for children between the ages of 6 and 15. The game comprises an application, featuring 91 quests of increasing difficulty level, a game board and 179 cardboard tiles. It involves all basic concepts of programming, ranging from basic instructions, combining digits to create larger numbers, addition and subtraction to coding algorithms, parameters, loops, conditional expressions, variables and functions.

Scottie Go! Basic is an innovative game designed to teacher programming to younger children. It allows children aged 4 and older to code without a computing device. Additionally, educators can create their own game scenarios, work with children in groups and let them enjoy the algorithmic role-play. The set helps children develop the algorithmic intuition and acquire basic programming skills through play and experimentation.

Scottie Go! Basic was created specially for preshoolers and kindergartners. Coding tiles included in the box have pictograms and were created to suit capabilities of younger children. Additionally, the tiles are printed with counting symbols, which helps children learn how to count faster. We created a double-sided big board to represent either summer or winter, which younger kids especially enjoy, and students are able to use wooden token to travel the world. This allows them to learn device free without the Scottie Go! Edu app, and the tiles are compatible with the Scottie Go! EDU application to allow for maximum flexibility.

Large magnetic tiles teachers can utilize to illustrate and model the basics and showcase steps, sequences, and answers in front of the class.

Set of 53 Scottie Go! Magnetic blocks intended for use on a magnetic board or laying on a carpet. A great tool for collaborating with students, presenting and discussing solutions for selected tasks. Tiles are compatible with the Scottie Go! EDU application and are an easy-to-use and helpful teaching aid. The set allows pupils to complete the initial 24 quests in the Scottie Go! EDU app. The game includes a set of 53 tiles (larger than the standard cardboard tiles), which can be attached to a magnetic and/or interactive board.

Create Quizzes, Organize Coding Competitions and Develop Dedicated Curriculum with Scottie Go! Dojo

Scottie Go! Dojo is a brand new app designed to extend educational benefits of Scottie Go! EDU. It allows teachers and students to create their own original quests and share them using QR codes. In addition, teachers have access to an online platform used to create and synchronize user profiles across devices. In order to complete quests created in Scottie Go! Dojo, users need to have access to coding tiles from other Scottie Go! products.

Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth

Scottie goes on new, exciting adventures in outer space! The Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth version is a brand-new chapter in the world of Scottie Go! built for home users to learn logical problems and puzzles. The interactive game is focused on teaching logical problem and puzzle solving, while introducing basic programming concepts to users age 6 and up — all within a single app.

During an interstellar journey, your favorite alien Scottie is forced to land on an unknown asteroid to refuel. Help him collect the crystals to power his ship and enable him to continue his journey. Learn the basic programming commands and arrange solutions to tasks from cardboard blocks, and then check them by scanning the solution in the application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth contains 52 quests and logical tasks which will challenge even the most seasoned Scottie Go! player. The license key in the box is valid for up to 2 devices.

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