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What is Scottie Go?

Scottie Go! is a series of educational tools that use the gamification method to effectively teach students block programming at school, kindergarten or during extracurricular activities in accordance with core curriculum. Contains 91 tasks of increasing difficulty. Intended for students aged 6-15 years.

The offer includes boxed and mobile games for players aged 4 to 15 and a task creator for remote and stationary learning programming for the education sector.

Scottie Go! Programs

Scootie Go! Edu is an innovative combination of a multimedia educational application in the form of a basic programming course (adapted for ages 6-15) with cardboard blocks for arranging programs. The kinesthetic aspect of play allows you to break down barriers related to learning abstract concepts and is conducive to group work. A carefully designed game environment gradually introduces users to the world of programming and develops an algorithmic intuition. The use of mobile devices and the mechanics of board games make learning with Scottie Go! interesting and engaging.

Scottie Go! Basic allows children as young as 4 years old to develop and algorithmic intuition and learn the basics of programming through a fun and interesting game.

Large magnetic tiles, teachers can utilize on the whiteboard to model and showcase steps, sequences, and answers.

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