Scottie Go! Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles help teachers illustrate and model the basics of coding in front of the class

Set of 53 Scottie Go! Magnetic blocks intended for use on a magnetic board or laying on a carpet. A great tool for collaborating with students, presenting and discussing solutions for selected tasks. Tiles are compatible with the Scottie Go! EDU application and are an easy-to-use and helpful teaching aid. The set allows pupils to complete the initial 24 quests in the Scottie Go! EDU app. The game includes a set of 53 tiles (larger than the standard cardboard tiles), which can be attached to a magnetic and/or interactive board.



Scottie Go! Magnetic blocks support the teacher who teaches Scottie Go! Basic in Kindergarten or with Scottie Go! Edu in early childhood education. They are an excellent, durable, easy-to-use and very useful teaching aid. There are 53 blocks in the box, which the teacher places on the magnetic board in order to demonstrate, analyze and explain programming commands to children. The magnetic blocks set is compatible with the Scottie Go! Edu game and application, and it carries out 24 tasks from Scottie Go! Basic and Scottie Go! in the Educational version. The blocks are much larger than the standard cardboard blocks included in the game to easily model concepts for students:

  • Blocks are a great tool for working with younger students.
  • They enable team work and presentation of solutions.
  • Support active methods and fun movement
  • They are intended to be used on a traditional (metal) or magnetic board.

Additional information

Weight 2.87 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 5.91 × 1.97 in


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