Scottie Go! Educational Version

Scottie Go! for Education is the flagship product of the series. The game comprises an application, featuring 91 quests of increasing difficulty level, a game board and 179 cardboard tiles. It involves all basic concepts of programming, ranging from basic instructions, combining digits to create larger numbers, addition and subtraction to coding algorithms, parameters, loops, conditional expressions, variables and functions.



The year is 2030. Scottie’s vehicle breaks down and forcibly lands on our planet. Help him get spare parts for his vehicle, by programming the movements and actions of a friendly alien and other heroes in the game. Become an expert in algorithm design, create and scan your own programs using 179 educational puzzle-shaped programming blocks.

Scootie Go! Edu is an innovative combination of a multimedia educational application in the form of a basic programming course (adapted to the stage of primary school) with cardboard blocks for arranging programs. The kinesthetic aspect of play allows you to break down barriers related to learning abstract concepts and is conducive to group work. A carefully designed game environment gradually introduces users to the world of programming and develops an algorithmic intuition. The use of mobile devices and the mechanics of board games make learning with Scottie Go! interesting and engaging.

* The blocks are also compatible with the Scottie Go app! Dojo – a quest creator.


The game requires a device with a rear camera – it will be needed to install the application and scan the blocks.

The educational version of the game consists of 91 tasks divided into 10 modules. Purchasing the game gives you access to:

  • databases of methodological materials (e.g. scenarios, worksheets, teacher’s guide with answers),
  • high-quality boards with tasks that can be used to develop worksheets or display on the screen during classes,
  • a special “Teacher” account, which contains all tasks unlocked in all modules,
  • cross-linking in School Cubs Scottie Go! on FB. The educational version of the game allows you to install the application on three devices.

Designed to Release Creativity

The game provides hours of fun and a number of challenges and missions that require creativity. We achieve a new approach to teaching by combining a board game and an application. Such a combination of the real and digital world is a guarantee of the student’s involvement in the educational process and support for the teacher.

Everyone Can Program!

The game does not require any additional knowledge at the start, and the world of Scottie and the basics of programming is introduced by a unique tutorial in the Scottie Go! Edu app. The tasks and activities have been designed so that even the youngest adepts of programming learning can solve them.

A Modern Educational Program for the Youngest

Modern games play an important role in the teaching and learning process because they create an environment in which children experiment and, by solving problems together, they develop a number of key competences. The form of the course supports both the student and the teacher.

Box Contents

  • 179 blocks to build algorithms
  • a drawpiece for organizing the blocks
  • insert for the drawpiece
  • instruction
  • a board for placing blocks
  • license for 3 devices

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum requirements for the Android operating system Android 4.1 or newer, min. 1.5GHz dual core processor.
  • Minimum requirements for the iOS 3 operating system. IOS – minimum iOS 8, iPhone 5s, iPad 4th generation or newer.
  • Minimum requirements for the Windows operating system Windows 7/8/10, 32/64 bit, min. 2GB of RAM, processor min. dual core 1.33GHz, with rear camera.

Additional information

Weight 2.93 lbs
Dimensions 16.14 × 10.63 × 2.36 in


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