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Create Quizzes, Organize Coding Competitions and Develop Dedicated Curriculum with Scottie Go! Dojo

Scottie Go! Dojo is a brand new app designed to extend educational benefits of Scottie Go! EDU. It allows teachers and students to create their own original quests and share them using QR codes. In addition, teachers have access to an online platform used to create and synchronize user profiles across devices. In order to complete quests created in Scottie Go! Dojo, users need to have access to coding tiles from other Scottie Go! products.



Creative coding with Scottie Go! Dojo

Scottie Go Dojo is an application that allows children and teenagers aged 6 to 15 to learn programming remotely and stationary and school and during extracurricular activities. It is an environment where children can create tasks and mini-games for Scottie, designed in an attractive form of gamification, and is a safe educational tool in line with the applicable core curriculum for general education. It is used in schools and other educational institutions during interactive IT, technical and other subjects.

The game supports the acquisition of numerous key competences: improvement of logical and mathematical thinking, communication and cooperation in a group, searching for non-standard solutions to problems and creative thinking.

In the Scottie Go! Dojo players can according to their own ideas:

  • design boards and tasks for Scottie
  • identify their difficulty and complexity
  • adapt them to your knowledge and cognitive abilities

After designing the board and arranging the tasks, players have to solve them with the help of programming blocks.

The blocks come in two forms:

  • In the form of physical programming blocks (cardboard blocks placed on the player’s table, similarly to a puzzle) – thanks to the innovative image recognition system used in the application – the devices can be scanned with the help of the camera and, after recognition in the application, run the created program. This type of blocks can be found in the Scottie Go! Educational Version of the game.
  • In the form of virtual blocks, being an integral part of the application interface, they allow you to work only with the device at any place and time. Blocks are stacked on top of each other (snapped together) to form a sequence of commands that make up a program. The indentations and protrusions make the blocks fit together like a puzzle, which makes it easier to understand the grammar and structure of the language.

The Scottie Go application uses AR (Augmented Reality Technology) technology, which makes it easier for players to work with creating their own programs. This technology adds additional information to the program code recognized by the application (with the help of a camera).

The use of blocks in the form of physical (cardboard) blocks allows you to develop the skills of cooperation and joint problem solving. The use of virtual blocks enables the implementation of programming learning in the form of remote education. It is easier when the “teacher-student” communication is carried out remotely, eg with the help of a camera.

Programming takes place in it by combining colored programming blocks in order to control the heroes of the game, on a board previously created by the authors, students or teachers and performing the tasks assigned by them. There are four types of blocks in the game: command blocks, function blocks, trigger blocks, and control instruction blocks. This allows you to learn about concepts such as loops, conditional statements, variables, functions, parameters, etc. Teachers working with Scottie Go! Dojo believe that using a visual programming environment allows easier transition to programming in text-based languages ​​such as C ++, C # or Python.

Scottie Go Dojo, thanks to its amazing story and colorful heroes, allows you to introduce programming from an early age in groups that had no previous contact and experience with programming. At the same time, thanks to many types of programming blocks, it can be used to introduce and develop programming skills in older groups.

The creative use of the Scottie Go! Dojo

Each arranged task receives a unique QR code, which allows you to quickly and efficiently share tasks with other players.

QR codes containing a problem to be solved can be printed, sent by e-mail or placed on social networks. Thanks to the use of QR codes, players can quickly use ready-made ones, or prepare and send their own tasks to be solved.


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