Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth

Scottie goes on new, exciting adventures in outer space! The Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth version is a brand-new chapter in the world of Scottie Go! built for home users to learn logical problems and puzzles. The interactive game is focused on teaching logical problem and puzzle solving, while introducing basic programming concepts to users age 6 and up — all within a single app.

During an interstellar journey, your favorite alien Scottie is forced to land on an unknown asteroid to refuel. Help him collect the crystals to power his ship and enable him to continue his journey. Learn the basic programming commands and arrange solutions to tasks from cardboard blocks, and then check them by scanning the solution in the application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth contains 52 quests and logical tasks which will challenge even the most seasoned Scottie Go! player. The license key in the box is valid for up to 2 devices.



Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth contains 52 logic puzzles and puzzles that will be a challenge for both beginners and experienced players. The game involves programming the main character to complete subsequent tasks using blocks to learn programming, which we arrange and fit together like a puzzle, and then scan using the Scottie Go! Adventures (download and install on a smartphone or tablet). An interactive basic programming course is included inside the app.

Modern and creative

Scottie Go! Labyrinth is an innovative combination of a multimedia educational application for mobile devices and cardboard blocks for arranging programs as instructions for the main character — Scottie. Learning with Scottie Go! uses the kinesthetic dimension, which allows for easier and faster assimilation of abstract concepts and promotes group work. Attractive and addictive game environment allows players to gradually gain new programming skills and develops their algorithmic intuition while performing tasks of increasing difficulty level.

For whom?

The game is intended for children from 6 years of age, but younger children with sufficient predispositions can also play and learn. We can play alone, but playing Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth is also a great opportunity to play and work in a team of 2-3 people. For the youngest users, the help of a parent or guardian is recommended.

Game components: 

  • Scottie Go! The game consists of a box containing cardboard blocks and a mobile app for mobile devices (ex. smartphone, tablet)
  • Blocks – The physical blocks are used to write commands that Scottie will execute. They also have a defined task: they allow players to learn basic programming concepts.
  • Application – we use it to scan the program composed of blocks by taking a photo or recording a video. After scanning the program, Scottie will do it line by line, and the player will be able to see if the problem has been solved correctly.

Box Contents:

  • 57 cardboard blocks for arranging programs – instructions for the main character
  • Instruction
  • License code

The game requires download of the Scottie Go app! Adventures.

Additional information

Weight 8.82 lbs
Dimensions 9.84 × 6.89 × 1.57 in


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