MISSION: SubSpace (High School Package)

Inspire the next generation of space explorers with New Ascent’s unique and engaging learning experience, MISSION: SubSpace. MISSION: SubSpace is an aerospace-focused STEM learning experience that puts your classroom in the driver’s seat of a NASA-like Science Mission to space and back.



  • Interactive space-mission experience from New Mexico’s Spaceport America that gives students a seat in mission control!
  • Launch of tiny microchip-sized satellites called Sparks, that collect and transmit atmospheric data throughout the mission
  • Live broadcast with aerospace-related STEM learning activities and mission commentary
  • Students experience the mission real-time through an interactive web-based portal
    • 3D Earth display with visualization that shows each Spark’s trajectory and location
    • Data plots that allow students to investigate atmospheric properties such as temperature, pressure, and more
    • Spark leaderboard and detailed Spark information
    • Classrooms can interact with the mission team and other participating schools
  • Q&A session with a professional in the aerospace industry – NASA engineer, scientist, technician, public relations or one of the many other personnel critical to mission success

This package includes:

  • One Spark (microchip-sized satellite)
  • Access to the MISSION: Subspace online portal for up to 40 students
  • Flight Data package from your Spark’s mission
  • Team Challenge (group project tailored for high school)

Upon purchase and processing, we will ship your Spark and reach out to schedule the mission with your classroom.


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