Learnetic Primary Math! Package 1A

Learnetic’s PrimaryMath! Package 1A covers half a year of primary mathematics.



PrimaryMath! Package 1A is a comprehensive set of highly interactive, digital lessons which address children’s numeracy skills at the initial levels of their math education. This package covers half a year of regular math learning and helps to develop learner creativity and math perception in general.*

It offers a proven, innovative teaching methodology, recognized worldwide and based on:

    • experimental math,
    • multiple methods,
    • visualization of mathematical thinking,
    • variety of strategies,
    • individual learning process,
    • language of mathematics.

The general topics covered in this package are:

    • Count and Compare Numbers
    • Numbers 0 – 5
    • Numbers 6 – 10
    • Geometry and Measurement

You can find a full table of contents in the images for this package.

*Please note, these materials are not aligned to United States grade-level standards at this time. Please stay tuned as we finish our US program.

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