Capstone – Using Models and Math in Science eBook and Teacher Guide

Using Models and Math in Science eBook and Teacher’s Guide from Capstone Publishing (one year license per student).



Take your Capstone eReaders to the next level with Teacher Guides.

We’ve partnered with Capstone Publishing to provide their world-renowned readers and teacher guides right in Gateway2Achieve. Capstone eReaders engage students with intriguing stories and facts that will captivate students, with guided teacher notes to help everyone in the classroom to grasp a full understanding of the materials and applicable standards.

Implement in 1 to 2 weeks

This program provides:

  • Access to the Gateway2Achieve learning platform
  • One engaging Capstone eReader on Math or Science topics
  • One related Capstone Teacher Guide with direct instruction and correlated Common Core Standards

Using Models and Math in Science eBook

We can learn many things from models. Scientists use models to test their ideas. Simple, yet engaging text and colorful images introduce readers to the importance of making predictions, testing ideas, collecting data, and more.

Using Models and Math in Science Teacher Guide

A comprehensive guide for teacher’s to go through key concepts with students before, during, and after reading. We make instruction simple, guiding teachers through the book, and helping students understand vocabulary, graphic organizers, text features, reading, comprehension, and writing skills.


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