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What Is New Ascent Education?

Gateway2Achieve has partnered with New Ascent Education to bring a space mission to your classroom! MISSION: SubSpace is an aerospace-focused, STEM learning experience. It is a NASA-like science mission that sends your students to space and back! A launch event is experienced in real time through an interactive, web-based portal. It is emceed by a live broadcaster and followed up with a Q&A session with an industry expert.

Using ground-based launch technologies, MISSION: SubSpace creates a unique, high-value experience. This real-time, chip satellite launch event makes students feel like they are in the driver’s seat of a NASA-like mission. The launch of tiny microchip-sized satellites, called Sparks, collect and transmit atmospheric data throughout the mission. A 3D Earth display shows each Spark’s trajectory and location, and data plots allow students to investigate atmospheric properties like temperature, pressure, and more! 

How Mission: SubSpace Reaches the Stars

Standards Plus Programs

Master All Grade-Level Standards

Every grade level and subject includes:

  • Access to the Gateway2Achieve learning platform
  • 136 15-20 Minute Lessons
  • 34 Quick-Check Assessments
  • 12+ Extended Performance Lessons
  • 3 Integrated Projects
  • 100+ Scaffolded Reteach lessons for immediate intervention

Master the Heavily-Weighted Tested Standards

Targeted, Effective, Turnkey

Implement in 5 to 14 weeks

This turnkey program provides:

  • Access to the Gateway2Achieve learning platform
  • Targeted instruction on the heavily-weighted, tested standards
  • Concise, scripted lesson plans
  • Consumable student editions
  • Interactive digital lessons & assessments
  • Teacher training and ongoing support

Targeted, Effective, Customizable, Engaging, Turnkey

The Standards Plus High Impact Summer Program provides teachers with targeted lessons that directly teach high impact grade level standards in 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Access to the Gateway2Achieve learning platform
  • These High Impact direct instruction lessons teach essential grade level concepts in 15 to 20 minutes. This allows for several lessons to be taught in one session.
  • Each lesson has a clear learning objective, that provides easily understood instruction so students retain the information in their long-term memory.

Evidence-Based ESSA Intervention Report

Download a PDF of the report.

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