Exploring the Cutting-Edge of Educational Technology at FETC 2024 in Orlando

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The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2024 in Orlando was a whirlwind of innovation, showcasing how technology is revolutionizing the educational landscape. With over 400 exhibitors, the event offered a unique glimpse into the future of education, emphasizing the importance of technology in shaping our learning environments. Here’s a roundup of some noteworthy highlights:

Hilight – Celebrating the Impact of Educators

Hilight stood out with its mission to recognize the invaluable contributions of teachers and school staff. Their platform emphasizes the impactful work of educators, offering a unique way to make staff feel valued and appreciated. By providing meaningful rewards, Hilight ensures that educators’ dedication and hard work are celebrated.

Switch Vehicles, Inc. – Electrifying STEM Education

Switch Vehicles, Inc., brought an electrifying twist to STEM and CTE education. Their fun, kit-based Electric Vehicle is a brilliant tool for engaging students in hands-on learning, perfectly aligning with STEM education goals.

Readeezy – Interactive and Accessible Reading

Readeezy presented a solution to make reading more accessible and enjoyable. Their animated and interactive books, designed for adolescents through young adults, ensure that reading is an inclusive experience for all, regardless of their reading level.

Scanmarker – Revolutionizing Assistive Technology

Scanmarker introduced its #assistivetechnology, a game-changer for students and professionals alike. This tool allows users to scan, listen, transcribe, and translate text in over 100 languages, making learning and communication more accessible than ever.

Rocket Drones – Igniting a Passion for STEM and Drone Technology

Rocket Drones offered an immersive drone racing experience, aiming to spark interest in STEM and drone technology among middle and high school students. This hands-on approach is an innovative way to cultivate a passion for technology and engineering.

Networking Events – Building Connections in Style

FETC 2024 wasn’t just about exhibitions; it also hosted exciting networking events. Highlights included Kavas tacos with Logitech, an Icebar experience with Adobe, and a Sloppy Joe meetup with ZSpace, Inc. These events provided fantastic opportunities for attendees to connect and discuss the future of educational technology.

FETC in Orlando was a testament to the dynamic and transformative power of technology in education. From honoring educators with Hilight to engaging students in STEM through Rocket Drones, the conference was a beacon for innovation and inspiration. As we look towards the future, it’s clear that technology will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the educational experiences of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more news. and reviews of future EdTech products!

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