Empowering Education Through Technology: Highlights from Our Showcase at the HECC Conference

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At the recent Hoosier Education Computer Coordinators (HECC) Conference held at the Crown Plaza in Indianapolis, we had the exciting opportunity to present our latest educational technology products to help students, educators, and administrators succeed. This event, a central gathering for Indiana’s educators and tech enthusiasts, allowed us to demonstrate how our cutting-edge learning products can transform K-12 education. Our focus at HECC was to illustrate the vast potential of technology in enriching educational experiences, along with providing practical tips and tools for classroom integration.

Showcasing Our Future Ready Products

  1. Scottie Go – Coding for the Next Generation: Scottie Go!, is an engaging coding solution for young learners. This interactive program simplifies learning programming languages, making it fun and accessible. The potential of Scottie Go! to spark interest in technology and lay a foundation for digital skills was a key discussion point.
  2. Mission: Subspace – Embarking on a Stellar Learning Adventure: Mission: Subspace, takes students on an interactive journey through the cosmos. This immersive experience aims to ignite a passion for astronomy and science, showing how the wonders of space can be brought directly into the classroom. Attendees were particularly excited about our giveaway, offering a closer look at how Mission: Subspace can transform learning.
  3. SkriLab – Fusing Creativity with STEAM Learning: Our comprehensive SkriLab is designed to integrate STEAM subjects seamlessly into education, was another highlight. With its alignment to ISTE standards and a focus on professional development, SkriLab was shown to inspire creativity and critical thinking in students, fostering a passion for innovation and technology, while providing educators the tools they need to succeed.

Mission: Subspace Giveaway — Fostering Connections and Celebrating Success

Our participation at the HECC Conference was not only an opportunity to showcase our innovative products but also a platform for meaningful engagement and collaboration. One of the event’s highlights was the announcement of our Mission: Subspace giveaway winner – Erica Copeland from Merrillville Community School Corporation. Congratulations to Erica! Her enthusiasm for bringing the best experience to her students and integrating such forward-thinking tools in education is exactly what we aim to support and encourage. This giveaway exemplified the excitement and potential of bringing new technologies into the classroom.

Our interactions with educators and technology coordinators like Erica provided valuable insights into the diverse applications of our products in educational settings. These discussions sparked ideas for collaboration and reinforced our commitment to enhancing learning experiences with technology. As we continue our journey in educational innovation, we’re inspired by the passion and dedication of the educational community and look forward to making more impactful connections in the future.

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