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Who is Capstone?

We’ve partnered with Capstone Publishing to provide their world-renowned readers and teacher guides right in Gateway2Achieve. Capstone eReaders captivate and engage students with intriguing stories and facts 


that will captivate and engage students, with guided teacher notes to help students grasp a full understanding of the materials and applicable standards.

Great nonfiction books teach themselves…up to a point.  Capstone Classroom moves beyond those limits with Teaching Notes that support the instruction of text structures, text features, comprehension, and vocabulary.


Use our printable (PDF format) graphic organizers to help facilitate your student’s understanding of key nonfiction concepts. These ready-to-use graphic organizers will help students organize ideas and communicate what they have read more effectively.

Standards Plus Supplemental Materials have been independently reviewed and verified for alignment to the Common Core Standards by

How Capstone and Standards Plus Work Together to Increase Student Achievement

Capstone Programs

Master the Heavily-Weighted Tested Standards

Targeted, Effective, Turnkey

Implement in 5 to 14 weeks

Our turnkey program provides:

  • Targeted instruction on the heavily-weighted, tested standards
  • Concise, scripted lesson plans
  • Consumable student editions
  • Interactive digital lessons & assessments
  • Teacher training and ongoing support

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Master All Grade-Level Standards

Every grade level and subject includes:

  • 136 15-20 Minute Lessons
  • 34 Quick-Check Assessments
  • 12+ Extended Performance Lessons
  • 3 Integrated Projects
  • 100+ Scaffolded Reteach lessons for immediate intervention

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