Attending GenCon in Indiana: Unexpected Tabletop Conference in Indianapolis

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What an incredible and enlightening few days it has been at GenCon 2023! This conference host a staggering attendance of over 70,000 passionate board game enthusiasts. An astounding selection of 20,000 captivating events kept everyone busy from start to finish. This consumer- focused show dedicated to tabletop games has provided an unparalleled opportunity to explore the fascinating intersection of STEAM principles and the world of game design.

Promoting Our Partners

This year at GenCon we helped our partner StickTogether products showcase their new product PuzzleFace. This new product is a 300 piece puzzle that can create any face! By utilizing the image key to assemble the puzzle you can upload and create new images with the same pieces again and again. This product received praise for its innovation and reusability. It was highly sought after by the librarians and retailers stopping by the booth! A quick explanation on how it works was given to attendees along with demo’s to try.

Full STEAM Ahead

This year’s GenCon was an extraordinary platform for game enthusiasts, designers, and industry professionals alike. That meant we were able to delve into the vast expanse of possibilities that arise when STEAM principles are integrated into the realm of tabletop games. For instance the Science and Technology involved in creating intricate miniatures and game pieces with. Take a moment to think about the Engineering that goes into building a board game or dice, where every twist and turn must be crafted to deliver a fun yet competitive gaming experience. The Artistry behind crafting immersive and the awe-inspiring character design that are collected for generations. Moreover, the Mathematical statistics and probabilities that are employed to shape the length and intensity of gameplay. These traits truly exemplify the strategic depth and intellectual stimulation that game creators have. So it should be no surprise to learn how many attendees have a history in mechanical engineering or the arts. Many of these expert get into the field of board games. One of the attendees let us know about an article about engineers who created board games by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers!

Big Names Got Board

In additional to the insight at this year’s GenCon, we noticed an extraordinary merging of popular culture and the tabletop gaming industry taking place. It is truly remarkable to see how even beloved video games like Activision’s Call of Duty series are now making their way into the world of board games. This innovative adaptation faithfully capture the essence and mechanics of the original video games, allowing players to experience classic modes such as Capture the Flag and Domination in a whole new way.

As the tabletop gaming industry continues to attract larger companies and gain mainstream attention, it is no surprise that this once behind-the-scenes industry is experiencing remarkable growth. The industry’s annual revenue has now reached an astonishing 2.8 billion dollars, a testament to the increasing popularity and widespread appeal of tabletop gaming. These revelation lead to more questions than answers. What lessons can we learn about how we teach strategy and teamwork? How can our industry keep up with the changing landscape of gamified learning?

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