Finally, a robust and cost-effective end-to-end solution to deliver highly interactive digital content! Our solution is customizable, intuitive and innovative. Don’t limit yourself to individual content providers’ platforms; see how content works together to provide real-world solutions in today’s challenging learning environment. Integrate platform and content, assessment and analytics, pedagogy and achievement.

Great Content from Great Publishers!

Standards Plus

A flexible, online, technology-enhanced curriculum that combines real teachers’ instruction with engaging digital content. Provides easy to teach K-8 ELA & Math materials in 20-minute lessons.

Capstone Publishers

Take Capstone’s engaging children’s books and combine it with curated teacher instructional materials. Together, you have a product that correlates to standards which help students develop a love of reading and learning while learning all the fundamentals.

Learnetic Primary & Secondary Math

Enriched and engaging supplemental math content from primary to secondary grades. Have your students learn math in a whole new way!

Bell Curves Test Prep

High quality test preparation and educational content, especially to underserved and disadvantaged communities. It accomplishes this mission by researching, recording and understanding the deficits that exist in target communities and creating solutions that supplement existing services.

BeCreo Technologies

Interactive, game-based approaches to education, focusing on coding and on creation of smart electronic circuits. Leading products are Scottie Go! Dojo, Scottie Go!, and BeCreo.


An EdTech ecosystem and Academy featuring a 3D printer with a library of 50,000 models, programmable robots, and a resource platform for educators. Learning programs using STEAM methodology and utilizing a hands-on, holistic approach to learning.

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